Cane Direct is a supplier of sugarcane sticks for juicing, based out in Melbourne & Adelaide, Australia.

We at Cane Direct provide you with fresh off the farm cut and clean sugarcane sticks for juicing purposes, on a yearly basis.

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We provide sugar cane for sale in Australia


If you are looking forward to starting your own sugarcane business and want to get sugarcane sticks for it, then look no further. Cane Direct is a wholesale supplier of sugarcane sticks to businesses all around Melbourne. We offer the sugar cane sticks at competitive prices so that your business could reap the highest amount of profits. We also don’t compromise the quality of the sticks, and our sticks are of the superior most quality.

Our sugar cane sticks are not limited to Melbourne. We can transport our sticks to almost the whole of Australia. If you are looking towards starting your own sugarcane business, then we would be more than happy to provide you with our sugarcane sticks. We have sugar cane sticks that are proven to be the best to extract sugar cane juice from. What’s more? These sticks are available all year round. So, if you’re thinking of juice business, and particularly sugarcane juice business, then think no more. Cane Direct sugarcane sticks are the best ones to start off with. We are a growing business and hope to become the best soon. So, what are you waiting for? Buy fresh sugarcane in Melbourne & across Australia and kick-start your business already.

We are available throughout Australia.

sugar cane for sale in Australia
sugarcane for juicing
If you think, our sugarcane sticks are worth it, why don’t you try them? We supply sugarcane sticks not only to stores but to stalls and breweries as well. So, are you willing to try Cane Direct sugarcane sticks in your area? If so, please get in touch.