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Fresh from New South Wales and Queensland and delicious to chew for young and the young-at-heart! The emergence of Australia’s biggest supplier of sugarcane sticks has taken the online realm by storm! Our sugar cane sticks at cane direct are healthy and delicious!


The perfect Sugar Cane Sticks for your tropical Drinks! Give your drinks the respect they deserve with our fresh sugar cane sticks! The wonder is in the detail.


Cane direct supplies sugar cane that comes from New South Wales and Queensland. We are in a position to aid others who may be venturing down in the same business to buy sugar cane stalks online at wholesale price for their sugar cane juice business and supply them with the finest produce. Our crops were grown specifically for all your needs, i.e juicing.


Sugar Cane Stalks for Sale in wholesale


Cane direct also focus on cleaning and dressing sugar canes manually and cleaning it by hand to make sure that it will be cleaned and wax-free when it reaches your production site or your home, to say the least. While we vouch for the refreshing treat that sugar cane has, we make sure that sugar cane is cleanly delivered to the customers. We adhere with the farm-to-customers principle to ensure high quality of products. Simply buy sugar cane sticks online at wholesale price for your food business that gives you the freedom to utilize it for such objects as novelty refreshment and a staple ingredient in cooking or coming up with a unique flavorful skewer for foods. However you want the product to be utilized, all we can say that our product has been regarded to be one of the freshest produced sugar cane sticks there is to produce all over Australia.

Our objective is to supply a product that can produce healthy and simple food products with a clean and natural ingredient. Our sugarcane sticks for sale wholesale are quality controlled and has passed the desirable quality. Thus we do not add any preservatives and rest assured that you will be able to receive it with peace of mind. Farmers are equipped with manual tools to clean and dress the sugar cane sticks. Each client can be sure that sugar cane sticks have already been segregated to perfection so that no other spoil product can reach the end user.





















Here at cane direct, we supply high-quality sugar cane sticks and we help people looking for sugar cane stalks for sale for their business. Rest assured that we are considered to be one of the most reputable sugar cane suppliers all over Australia.

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